Areas of Counseling

  • Relationship Counseling

Pre-marital: Know what marital relationship is all about.
Marital: How to make this relationship healthy and vibrant
Fertility: Address areas of grief; depression; anxiety; guilt or regret.
Adoption: How to prepare for adopting and bringing in a child home

  • Corporate Counseling

Stress: How to identify and learn coping skills
Time: Learn to prioritize and make best use of time available
Anger: Identify the trigger points and learn constructive ways to handle anger
Emotional Quotient: Identify, recognize, accept and act on one’s emotions and any person’s
Work-Life Balance: This balance is not static. It needs to be worked on, since people and situations keep differing.

  • Academic Institutions

Career guidance: Learn to identify strengths, weaknesses and how to channel one’s interest and skills to be career ready.
Parenting: For parents of students to create a nurturing atmosphere for the wards to succeed in life
Gender sensitivity:
All are equal. Differences add color to life. Different genders bring in different perspectives
Life skills:
How to develop resilience (ability to bounce back) and handle all situations.

  • General Counseling

Personal issues: Identify one’s strengths/weaknesses; build one’s self confidence/esteem/concept; address negative thoughts; develop effective communication skills, etc.
Geriataric: Learning to cope with loneliness; health; divert knowledge and experience to enhance society; stay energetic physically/emotionally and mentally
Grief management: Help identify stages of grief, cope with loss and come to acceptance.
LGBT: Help this group to learn coping skills, explore areas of work and skills training. Help them to mainstream with society.

Counseling Options

  • In house
  • Face to Face
  • Group
  • Digital/Phone


  • English
  • Hindi
  • Tamil
  • Malayalam
  • Kannada

About us

Mrs. Rajani Nandakumar is a practicing counselor in Chennai. She has a Masters degree in Psychology and has successfully completed a Diploma course in Counseling.


Career Guidance
Stress/Anger Management
Conflict Management
Emotional Balance
Life Skills Awareness


Rajani Nandakumar
Relationship and Counseling Psychologist
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Mobile : 9884488056