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Antar in Sanskrit and Hindi means “Difference”.
Everyone goes through many different situations in life. Some handle these with a balanced mind.
But for some it becomes difficult due to various stresses and strains of life.

Antar also means within.
Your own personal world. How healthy is it ? Seek Help. Live Better.
This should be your mantra to manage your life better.
Like you clean your homes and surrounding, clean up your confusions and get clarity for a healthy way forward.

Who is a Counseling

Counseling Psychologist is a mental, emotional and behavioral specialist. Professional Counselor is a qualified Psychologist who has the ability to define problems and identify barriers that prevent from thinking clearly and develop proactive solutions.

How is it different from
advice from a friend or
a relative

Counseling is not giving advice. A trained counselor will be objective and uses scientifically proven tools and techniques to identify the real issues and empower you with necessary skills to deal with the crisis.

How does Counseling help an individual?

Counseling helps in learning new or different ways of thinking, feeling and behaving to resolve identified problems and equips you with necessary coping Skills

What happens when you don't seek professional help?

Delaying or not seeking professional help may unconsciously magnify or intensify issues thereby sabotaging own life as well as the lives of near and dear ones.

What are the benefits of Counseling?

  • Stress and Anger Management

  • Anxiety Reduction

  • Conflict Management

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Emotional Balance

  • Life Skills Awareness

  • Learn Assertiveness

  • Enhancing Confidence

About us

Mrs. Rajani Nandakumar is a practicing counselor in Chennai. She has a Masters degree in Psychology and has successfully completed a Diploma course in Counseling.


Career Guidance
Stress/Anger Management
Conflict Management
Emotional Balance
Life Skills Awareness


Rajani Nandakumar
Relationship and Counseling Psychologist
Email : rajaninandu@yahoo.co.in
Mobile : 9884488056